Why Businesses Should Create a Blog

Blogs are an important marketing tool for any company or website.  New content will improve search engine ranking and help propel a company’s website to the top of Internet search engine listings.  A higher ranking will drive more targeted traffic to a businesses website. When a company creates a blog, it is creating an individual voice for their business.  Clients can leave comments and receive feedback quickly, promoting the idea of personal customer service.  A business blog creates an atmosphere of trust and openness, which in turn generates a greater brand loyalty to a company. A...

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Why You Should Hire a Content Writer

In today’s increasingly digital environment, individuals and business owners alike find themselves more and more in need of having an ad, article or blog written in a professional tone that can appeal to as a wide of an audience as possible. When we read a blog, for example, we all tend to focus on the content but will give little thought as to who actually performed the writing itself. –>> If you don’t like to write or you think you are not a good writer, hiring a professional content writer is a MUST. It can truly make or break your online or offline...

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How Often Should I Update My Content?

One of the most common questions I get from website owners is how often should they update their content online. The answer to this question is not going to be the same for everyone, but the theory behind it is the same. –>> The answer to how often you should update your content online is “as much as possible”. Why is this? Google is completely focused on giving a good experience to their users. This means that they want the most relevant content to rank highly in the search engines. They also want the content to be user friendly and helpful instead of some of the spammy...

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